Top 10 Strongest One Piece Characters

Top 10 Strongest One Piece Characters

The Top 10 Most Powerful Characters in One Piece

With almost a thousand of One Piece anime episodes and 14 One Piece movies available up to date, many of you and me as a One Piece fan might be thinking who are 💪the strongest One Piece characters. As the series is going on, more and more characters will be showing their true strength later on. 

As quoted by a reddit user with the name of randomaccessmemoir, there are 1,094 "canon" One Piece characters that appeared in the manga. Which among the 1,094 to handpick or to analyze who is the strongest will be a very tough task 😂.

I believe everyone would have in their mind who is the strongest in One Piece, but let's get straight into it the point, as we will put into consideration even the dead or alive characters in One Piece to analyze their strength.

🏴‍☠️Let's set SAIL! Here's the list of the Top 10 Strongest Character in One Piece.


Luffy. Strongest One Piece Characters in rank #10

The main character in One Piece, who are progressing steadily throughout the series. Some might not agree to this but let's go through one by one you will know why Luffy will be one of the top 10. 

Luffy is the captain of Strawhat Pirates. After the time skip, Luffy well deserves to be at Top 10. What power did Luffy obtain in the time skip is still unknown as in the One Piece anime, Luffy does slowly shown his power from time to time. More so, not only his power does matter, the people who influenced by him matter the most too.

Luffy Achievements:

  1. Captain of Straw Hat Pirates
  2. Known as "The Fifth Yonko"
  3. Posses the Conqueror's Haki
  4. Took down Doflamingo in Dressrosa Arc
  5. One of the Worst Generation
  6. Beli1,500,000,000 bounty

The true power of Luffy is clearly shown after the Dressrosa Arc where he is able to influence at least 5,500 pirates to ally with him. But as Luffy personality, he wouldn't want an ally. This clearly shown that with Luffy natural ability, he is able to influence people around him to fight side by side with him.

More so, in the Marineford Arc, Luffy able to influence Whitebeard, Crocodile (once Luffy's enemy) and etc to fight alongside with him to achieve their same goal which is to safe Ace. At that time, Mihawk does state that Luffy is a dangerous person because he does possess certain strengths which able to unite people.

Ultimately, Luffy does possess the power of the voice of all things where he's able to listen to what mythical creatures and sea kings talk about. Not everyone possesses this power. Currently, only Roger does possess this power.


All in all, Luffy will be climbing his rank up steadily as compared to other One Piece characters. So we can foresee Luffy rank will increase in the near future. I guess it will be after taking down Kaido. Let’s see the strength of Luffy as the anime progress, I believe by becoming the Pirate King, Luffy will be one of the Strongest One Piece Character.


Garp. Strongest One Piece Characters in rank #9

I believe everyone is very familiar with this name Garp. He is the father of Monkey D. Dragon and grandfather of Monkey D. Luffy. Remember in the early series when he was revealed as the grandfather of Luffy which creates a hype and plot twist? Imagine having family members ranging from Marines to Revolutionary Army to Pirates, such a different mindset and different goals family. 

More so, Garp could be the one who could succeed Sengoku as the Fleet Admiral but due to the complication of his journey, I believe he doesn't want to be in that position. But in Roger era, Garp would be the one who always picks a fight with Roger and try to catch him. I believe as time goes by, Garp and Roger actually become a very good friend. Which makes him a very well-balanced character. 

Garp Achievements:

  1. Always pick a fight with Roger
  2. Vice Admiral of the Marines
  3. Grandfather of Luffy and Father of Dragon
  4. Take care of Ace and Luffy

Imagine someone who can throw a cannonball with his bare hand, more so, he can even swing a large cannonball with his bare hand. Just how strong this guy is! What more? Garp has years of combat experience which makes him know how to navigate through a war easily and he is also one of Sengoku best friend throughout the Series. If you have noticed, Koby and Helmeppo under Garp progress rapidly in terms of skills and strength. This means that Garp knows how to train his apprentice effectively. Try to imagine what if Luffy is trained aggressively under Garp. 


You might think why Garp is ranked number 9, this is also due to his age factor, as characters grow older, their legacy is there but not their power, as age might reduce their stamina. 


Akainu. Strongest One Piece Characters in rank #8

Before the time skip, Akainu is one of the three admirals who has his own ideology on how the Marine and World Government should be. Akainu described to has a superhuman physical body. Why is that so?

Remember where Whitebeard fought against Akainu? Where Whitebeard uses two Busoshoku Haki enhanced with his Gura Gura no Mi point-blank on Akainu and he was still able to survive? More so when Jinbe, Marco and Vista tried to attack him with their Busoshoku Haki and barely deal any damage to him, this shows Akainu has a very inhuman physical body where 2 point-blank attacks from Whitebeard coated with Busoshoku Haki only able to deal that much damage to him. Let's drive down to see what's Akainu achievements are 👇

Akainu Achievement:

  1. Current Marine Fleet Admiral (After Sengoku retired)
  2. Absolute justice ideology 
  3. Ten days duel with Aokiji for Fleet Admiral position (Aokiji lost and Akainu Won)
  4. Strong and strict leader
  5. Many pirates do not dare to face him off

After the Marineford Arc, Sengoku decided to step down as the Marine Fleet Admiral which leads to the battle of the two Marine Admirals which is Akainu vs Aokiji. In the battle, the winner will emerge as the one who will succeed Sengoku as the Marine Fleet Admiral, where Akainu and Aokiji have fought for ten days and Akainu emerge as the winner which also resulted in Aokiji to lost his leg. Clearly, with what Akainu achieved, he will be one of the forces that should be recognized in One Piece and I strongly believe not many can defeat Akainu in the One Piece series.



BlackBeard. Strongest One Piece Characters in rank #7

Marshall D. Teach or famously known as Blackbeard or Teach in One Piece. The one who obtained Yami Yami no Mi devil fruits and capture Ace in Banaro Island which leads to the Marineford Arc. He and his crew is also the one that put the final shot to end Whitebeard life and succeeded to take over Whitebeard Gura Gura no Mi devil fruits power. Up to date, Blackbeard is the only character in One Piece who has 2 devil fruits power which is the Yami Yami no Mi and Gura Gura no Mi. 

After killing Whitebeard, Blackbeard became the new Yonko and left the Shichibukai title. Where his intention of joining Shichibukai is to enter Impel Down and recruit his crew member. As far as the story goes, Blackbeard has the same dream as Luffy to become the Pirate King but the journey or the path they took is different, as Blackbeard will use any method to achieve the Title while Luffy is more towards a step by step approach without skipping or shortcutting his path. 

Blackbeard Achievement:

  1. Admiral of the Blackbeard Pirates
  2. The new Yonko after the death of Whitebeard
  3. The only character in One Piece who has 2 devil fruits power
  4. Became devil fruits user hunter along with his crew
  5. Beli2,247,600,000 Bounty

Even though Blackbeard doesn't appear much in One Piece, but seeing him using 2 devil fruits power makes him a very fearsome character. As both of the devil fruits possess a tremendous amount of power. I believe as the storyline continue, more Blackbeard scene will be shown and his progression will be an eye-opening too. More so, I believe lots of One Piece fans are still waiting for an explanation on how Blackbeard can control 2 devil fruits. 



Big Mom. Strongest One Piece Characters in rank #6

The biggest female character in term of size in One Piece, who always called with the name of Big Mom. If you have noticed, Big Mom does have superhuman strength, where she can climb up tall building with ease even with her size, her skin as thick as a wall which is not easily penetrated with a sharp weapon, more so, she can throw and hurl Prometheus with ease to a very long distance🌫️☀️.

More so, Big Mom is also a Sora Sora no Mi devil fruit user. Who able to absorb or manifest the soul of somebody where Big Mom touches them. The soul will become a substance where Big Mom is able to grab and extract it out from the person she touches. Meaning to say that, Big Mom is able to take away the lifespan of someone who fears her which gives her a big advantage of strengthening her crew and increase her life span. 

Big Mom Achievement:

  1. Captain of Big Mom Pirates and the head of Charlotte Family
  2. The only Female member in Yonko
  3. Queen of Totto Land
  4. Possess Haoshoku Haki
  5. 4,388,000,000 Bounty

Even though Big Mom is fearful, she does have her own weakness. When the portrait of Mother Carmel is destroyed, she will be vulnerable for a period of time and become unconscious in which the enemy is able to this to their advantage if they knew her weakness. 


I believe, even though Big Mom does have her own weakness the large fraction of her strength comes from her children and the vast army she has. With a large pool of different power coming from her children, they can prove a massive force in One Piece as defeating her crew is not an easy task. More so, Big Mom can take the life span of others and transfer it into natural objects such as trees, flowers, cookies and etc. This allows Big Mom to have an endless army as long as someone fears her. 


Dragon. Strongest One Piece Characters in rank #5

Monkey D. Dragon or best known as Dragon in One Piece. In the storyline, much information about Dragon is still yet known. This makes him a very interesting character, like for example, his ideology, his power, what stands is his taking and etc. What we really know about is Dragon and his team is fighting against the World Government as his ideology of the world and the World Government is different. Just like father like son, Dragon is one of the many characters in One Piece that has the balls to go against the World Government just like Luffy, who asked Sogeking (as known as Usopp) to shoot down the World Government flag in Enies Lobby in attempt to save Robin. 

Dragon Achievement:

  1. The Supreme Commander of the Revolutionary Army
  2. Currently known as "The World's Worst Criminal"
  3. Father of Monkey D. Luffy and son of Monkey D. Garp
  4. Current bounty is still Beliunknown, might be one of the highest

Until now, not much story or information can be known. Some are guessing what devil fruit do Dragon eat and what power do Dragon own. In the perspective of a devil fruit, I believe Dragon do eat the Kaze Kaze no Mi (not official yet), why is it so? In Loguetown, when Dragon saves Luffy who has been held by Smoker, strong wind and thunder happened which blow everyone away, by this theory many do foresee he does have the power of Wind. 


In the perspective of power, Sabo uses haki skill with the name of the dragon, which can be clearly shown that Dragon does teach Sabo how to use haki and Sabo able to use all the haki skills very well which ultimately defeated Jesus Burgess and obtaining the Mera Mera no Mi in Dressrosa Arc. So we can speculate Dragon do possess the power of devil fruits and Haki. 


Kaido. Strongest One Piece Characters in rank #4

I believe with the Wano Arc currently on-going in One Piece manga and anime, the name "KAIDO" can be seen and heard consistently. He who ate the mystical zoan-type devil fruit which allows him to transform into an Eastern Mythical Blue Dragon that able to shoot beam. With an approximate over 500 artificial zoan-type devil fruit users under him no doubt he is considered one of the strongest characters in One Piece.

Kaido Achievement:

  1. Captain or known as the Governor-General of Beast Pirates
  2. One of the few who dare to take Whitebeard's life
  3. Known as "The Strongest Creature in the World"
  4. Members of Yonko
  5. Beli4,611,000,000 bounty (Current highest bounty alive)
  6. Mentioned by Five Elders who is one of the few that able to stop Blackbeard

Before the Wano Arc, Eustass Kid tried to challenge and defeat Kaido, but in the end, Kaido easily defeated Kid and put him into prison. Many do wonder how actually Kid lost his arm, some do think is Kaido who cut Kid arm off. But as Kid mentioned, his arm is lost when he fought against the red hair pirate. 

But getting back to Kaido, in Wano Arc, Kaido transformed into a dragon and shoot a beam wanting to kill Luffy, the beam is so strong that it is able to flatten a mountain. Imagine if Kaido is the one who fights the Marines, I believe the death that happens in Marineford will be more compare to Whitebeard. 



Shanks. Strongest One Piece Characters in rank #3

Remember the scene where Shanks meets with Whitebeard and his Haki actually created cracks at Whitebeard Ship Moby Dick? More so, his Haki is so strong that some Whitebeard Pirates do faint once Shanks on board on Moby Dick. This clearly shown that Shanks is one of the pirates that have the strongest Haki, more so Pirates, World Government, and even Marine did not attempt to pick a fight with him. Just Imagine how strong Shanks is!

Shanks Achievement:

  1. Captain of Red Hair Pirates
  2. The only group who successfully conquered Grand Line after Roger
  3. Considered to have one of the strongest Haki
  4. One of the members of Yonko
  5. Beli4,048,900,000 bounty
  6. Inspired Luffy to start his journey as a Pirate


 With no devil fruit power and lose an arm Shanks still able to be a proven threat or force in the world of One Piece. No pirates or marine would pick a fight with him and his crew. One last thought will be Shanks is the one who put an end to Marineford Arc and prevents more death happening. P/S: He is also one of the favorite and mysterious characters in One Piece.


WhiteBeard. Strongest One Piece Characters in rank #2

The 2nd Strongest character in One Piece is Whitebeard also known as Shirohige. He the one who is called "FATHER" by all of his crew members. Even at the age of 72, no one able to dethrone him and the World Government didn't even care to challenge him until Whitebeard decided to save Ace at Marineford which eventually leads to the Marineford Arc and his death.

Edward Newgate Achievement:

  1. Captain of the Whitebeard Pirates.
  2. Known as the "Strongest Man on Earth" & "Man Closest to One Piece"
  3. Members of the inferior Rocks Pirates
  4. A member of Yonko
  5. Achieve the highest bounty while alive, and second highest bounty of all time
  6. Beli5,046,000,000 bounty (second highest of all time)

Whitebeard who has the Gura Gura no Mi devil fruit which considered as the strongest Devil Fruit in the Paramecia devil fruits class which he ended up as "Quake Man". Ultimately, even Sengoku said Whitebeard has the power to destroy the world. So now you can see why Whitebeard is rated No 2 as the Strongest Character in One Piece



Gold Roger. Strongest One Piece Characters

No doubt, every One Piece fan knew that Roger is the one who started the Golden Age of Pirate in One Piece, which inspires everyone to set sail and have their own pirate journey in One Piece.

Gol D. Roger Achievement:

  1. Captain of Roger Pirates (One of the strongest Pirates Crew)
  2. Held Pirate King Title (Up to now no one able to substitute him)
  3. Owned One Piece (The legendary treasure everyone is looking for)
  4. Father of Portgas D. Ace (Luffy non-biological brother)
  5. Conquered Grand Line
  6. Beli5,564,800,000 Bounty (One of the highest bounty) - Roger bounty was revealed in Vol 95 Chapter 957 in One Piece Manga

As all the main achievement stated above, no doubt Roger is the strongest in One Piece anime, if he doesn't surrender, I believe no one is able to catch him. Imagine before the Golden Era, no one is able to catch him until he surrenders to create The Golden Pirate Era. Even so, Roger is able to compete toe to toe with Whitebeard who is considered "The Strongest Man in the World". 

Now you can imagine how strong Roger was and even now no one is One Piece is able to compete toe to toe with him except Whitebeard. 



Buggy... Captain Buggy of the Buggy Pirates. Buggy often appears randomly in One Piece to spice up the situation. He is a very treasure chest oriented person. Where he can easily be influenced if you can give him a map which leads to a treasure chest. He has become a Shicibukai member after the Marineford Arc as a prisoner in Impel Down actually join under his crew making his pirate crew a fearsome one with lots of different bounty prisoners in it. But sadly, after the Shicibukai system dissolved, he is no longer a Shicibukai. 


But as a funny character in Buggy, I am amazed that he is able to survive in Grand Line with his current strength. I believe mainly is because he knew how to navigate properly in every situation which allows him to gain something whenever a battle or a situation happened. No matter he won or he lost a fight, he will always gain something from it and try to stand up so that people can look up onto him.  

I strongly believe, at the end of the One Piece series, Oda will have a discussion or have a story for him, as he is also one of the members of Roger Pirates. So let's see and anticipate

With all the ranking above, it is purely based on my suggestion and speculation on how One Piece anime progress. I believe everyone in mind does have their own top 10 Strongest One Piece Characters in mind. You can comment below on who do you think is the top 10 and we can share our thoughts. 

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