When Will One Piece End?

When Will One Piece End?


"One Piece" is one of the longest animated series in history, extending its duration by about 20 years with its official manga and about 1000 episodes on the small screen. I remembered it being the first anime I watched as a kid and I totally did not expect to still be running even after I got to university. 

But even when most people half-joking say everyone will have white hair before the series finishes. The end of the One Piece adventures begins to loom on the horizon. Eiichiro Oda has once again assured that he plans to end the series in a period of 5 years, but it seems that things are beginning to take shape even more. The team behind the manganime not only knows when it will end, but they also know how, insisting that it will be something much more traumatic than fans expect. New statements from its main figures surrounding the manga will help us know somewhat how.


The premise is quite simple: a rubber man named Monkey D. Luffy embarks on an adventure to find the mythical One Piece; the place where the pirate king Gol D. Roger hid his fortune. If Luffy manages to find him before any other crew, he will become the new king of the pirates. Along the way he makes friends, half forcing them to join his crew, forming a group of colorful characters that range from a humanoid reindeer to a skeleton with an afro and a cyborg addicted to coca-cola.

It is a story of friendship, pirates, and the strange, of redemption that has lasted more than 22 years serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine and more than 20 years being broadcast weekly in anime version made by Toei Animations.


This is a story that goes back to 1997 when the manga industry took a 360 ° turn from one day to the next when a debuting mangaka Eichiro Oda wrote, drew, and published "Romance Down", the first chapter of the manga several times before it was decided that One Piece would be published in Shonen Jump.

Oda wrote it with several different versions that had little details different from each other, which were published as One-shots years before their premiere at Jump. Versions that had been submitted to contests. However, in all these previous versions Oda removed some elements to use them when it is time to publish them weekly.

And it is with the first chapter like One Piece, where a boy cuts his face to demonstrate his bravery. We have fun, crime, murder, sacrifice, punishment, epic level intimidation, character evolution, and a promise that lasts for a long time.

The first chapter of One Piece simply had nowhere to lose. And Ichiro Oda let his mind roam and in the limit of 60 pages, he dropped his best ideas and the best version of the story he could create. With a unique drawing for the time and a subject as foreign to the Japanese as being a pirate. One Piece would begin its adventure. Reaching No. 1 with its first chapter.



In an interview he gave to ANN, Oda, 45, confessed that the end of "One Piece" would be "close" and without going into details, he confirmed that the story will have more than 100 volumes at the end. That is, there are just over 10 volumes left before seeing the outcome of the Straw Hats' adventures and discovering what the One Piece finally is, the mysterious pirate loot promised at the beginning of the story.

Later, the mangaka revealed more information about the end of the franchise in a conversation he had with a Fuji TV program, where he was asked directly about the end of the manga and where he was asked for some details about the final closure of "One Piece".

Oda commented that the ending itself has been thought about since he was in school, so the host of the show, Sanma Akashiya, asked him what he would do if someone managed to guess the ending. What did you answer? The screenwriter acknowledged that if that happens, he would change the ending for another.

He was also questioned if the treasure would finally be something like the construction of family ties or a "the reward was the trip", but the creative ruled out this possibility. As he said, he hates this type of argument, so it was confirmed that "One Piece" would be a physical treasure.

"It's like the end of 'The Wizard of Oz' that I saw when I was a child. Venturing for so long and that the adventure is that treasure ... is really unsatisfactory. Those kinds of stories are horrible," stressed the mangaka assuring that his ending is not I would follow this line.

And that is, even if fans would like for Luffy to be forever, the end (even if it might seem far away from us) is close. Keep in mind that these are Oda's wishes, and whether or not that will remain to be seen. It would not be the first time that postpones something or extends an arc for new ideas. Meanwhile, One Piece continues to be enjoyed, a manga that continues to be published to this day, and 20 anime seasons.