Yakuza Luffy One Piece Action Figure

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A Yakuza Fan? Looking for Unique Luffy Figure?


Discover how this Yakuza Luffy Action Figure is one of the Luffy action figure you must have.

After being all good, Luffy decided to become a Yakuza and reign the sea. Just joking. This Luffy piece is designed with Yakuza element in Japan. Trying to combine some badassness into Luffy and turn up it look so good. You can now have a Badass looking Luffy action figure with tatooes. YaY!!

No matter where you want to put this Yakuza Luffy at, it will always look so well and awesome. So get yours today!!

We are offering Free Worldwide Shipping for this Zoro action figure. We have no idea when we will take this offer down, so get yours now before we ends this offer.

Product Details:

  •  Size is approximately 17 cm (H)
  • High quality PVC made with finest paint
  • High quality action figure
  • Yakuza Luffy design
  • Shipping requires 12 - 22 days 

Get yours now and enjoy our Worldwide Free Shipping today!

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