One Piece Figure Strawhat Crew Punk Hazard Arc Mini

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Punk Hazard Arc is the 26th story arc in One Piece after the Fish-Man Island Arc. With Law present in Punk Hazard, Mugiwara and his crew got swap into different personalities from different Characters. This makes the Punk Hazard Arc more fun and entertaining.

With the thoughts of Fun and Entertaining, these mini Strawhat Crew Punk Hazard Arc figures are created. With Sanji having Nami's body, and Nami having Franky's body, Chopper having Sanji's body and Franky having Chopper's Body. This created fun and funny scene for all of them. 

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Product Details:

  • Strawhat Crew Punk Hazard Arc
  • Size Approximately 9 cm in height
  • Punk Hazard Arc
  • 9 pcs One Piece Figurine
  • Made with the highest quality of workmanship

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