Straw Hat Pirates Wanted Posters Sticker (Full Crew)

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One Piece Straw Hat crew members wanted posters (latest arc) is a must collection item if you are a fan of One Piece. This poster sticker is made with High-Quality finishing. This poster sticker also printed with high-quality print which produces the original colour of One Piece wanted poster.

Product Details:

  • Size is 29cm (Length) x 21cm (Width) or 42cm (Length) x 29cm (Width)
  • High-quality poster sticker
  • Fan-art based, based on the latest One Piece arc
  • High-quality printing and material
This Straw Hats Wanted Posters sticker Include the Following crews:
  • One Piece Nami Wanted Poster
  • Sanji wanted poster
  • Monkey d Luffy wanted poster
  • Zoro wanted poster
  • Chopper wanted poster
  • Usopp wanted poster
  • Jinbei wanted poster

When you buy One Piece Straw Hat Wanted Posters sticker today, you will be getting a Free exclusive Mysterious poster sticker.

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